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Candlelit Yin Yoga

With Lucy


Sunday 13th January 5pm-7pm

 £25 per workshop


Yin yoga focuses on working with the breath and embracing the ability to surrender to the practice, and work towards letting go. Once the larger muscles are able to relax then the connective tissue, fascia and ligaments can be accessed once stretched and loosened, also allowing the joints to open up. Even though yin yoga is a passive practice, it can be a very challenging practice in being still with yourself, your breath and the intensity of the depth of the poses. The time spent in each pose (3 - 5 minutes) brings calmness and mindfulness to the body, mind, and nervous system. Yin yoga is deeply therapeutic and is incredibly effective at healing injuries and helping to increase range of motion in the body.



This session is suitable for all.  No experiance of Yoga required.


Hatha / Yoga Nidra Workshop

With Alan


Saturday 19th January 2pm - 4pm

£25 per workshop

Yoga Nidra is a traditional form of guided meditation, used to bring about complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation.


In this workshop we will start with a short sequence of hatha yoga postures, to make sure that everyone is relaxed and free of physical tension. Following this we will move into the Yoga Nidra practice. As this is a very deep meditation, its practiced lying down, with blankets, cushions and whatever else you need to be comfortable!


Any queries about the workshop to


This session is suitable for all.  No experiance of Yoga required.


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